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The Arc

The Arc 


The Arc, 2019 

LED screen, video, audio, mirror

300 x 300 cm

As an artist who uses technology as the main compositional material, Tung Monkey seems to be on the opposite line to the idea in Nguyen Cong Tri's collection no.8, when the designs revolve around questioning the encirclement of the Internet and social networks. With the installation work, video presentation and "mirror" Tung Monkey pushes viewers deeper into that virtual world, into the world of countless connections, millions of data networks. The dimensions of the image change immeasurably, making it impossible for the viewer to define any dimension. Even the physical structure of the work, here the projection screen system, is in stark contrast to the visual effects radiating on its surface. The Arc creates a visual trap, drawing viewers into a virtual world, where visual clusters like neurons are connected by computer-synthesized and manipulated blink speeds.

In the midst of all these illusions, when any spectator volunteered to step into the visual trap to interact with the "mirror floor", their bodies merged with the virtual scene. They automatically become part of the presentation. The image of a person appearing on the projection mixed with the flesh of the real world. They are fragmented and want to hold on to each other. The Arc is inspired by the futuristic aesthetic of Cong Tri's designs. But underneath that aesthetic is a personal story, when technology exists as a tool for us to tell our story," said Tung Monkey.


Music/ Music: @triminh05

Actor/Talent: Thu Thao

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