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Interactive graphic design in real-time by Le Thanh Tung with electronic music & sound performance by Tri Minh.
The project is initiated by LE THANH TUNG.
Visual will be live VJing by LE THANH TUNG
Music will be live performed by TRI MINH.
In the past few months, beside the destructive effect on human health and worldwide economy, Covid-19 has been taking over lots of opportunities and working space of many artists.
From this standpoint, the function of art is to bring multiple perspectives to the audiences. Not to mention, those perspectives need to deliver positive vibes.
Bearing that in mind, the visual artist Le Thanh Tung created LOTUS, a graphic design work which is interactive with real-time updating worldwide data on Covid-19.
The performance will be accompanied by a live music and sound performance by the composer and performance artist Trí Minh as a healing for damaged energy. Also, font Keep Calm was used with this incentive.
On the performance night, the real-time database extracted from WHO will be used to interact with LOTUS – live at Goethe-Institut Hanoi

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