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The Infinity.


A Multimedia installation by Tung Monkey & VU Nhat Tan

Curated by NGUYEN Anh Tuan


As part of the research on the bend of view-points and new dimensions from obtuse angle, Le Thanh Tung continues to employ these elements to his latest installation at Heritage Space. Applying musical material by Vu Nhat Tan, the graphic lines and waves interact with frequency bands and fluctuate with the pitch ranges to create an Infinity by visual effect.



The installation will be a mirror - window - area of 4x4 meters put vertically. Taking advantage of the light refraction of the glass and wallpaper background, the images from the 4 LED screens will replicate themselves and be drawn into the center of the mirror, creating an Endless effect.


This mirror window will be placed in a dark environment to create focal points. The installation is at the exhibition center area, and is a bridge between the two areas of sound artists.


During and after the show, this arrangement will continue to create interactive graphic effects with the music in the room.



The endlessness of viewpoints is always a fascinating subject to me. Physical space limits you by dimensions, like television screens or pictures, but their content brings an expansion of vision and imagination for you. This is an interesting point. In the process of searching for the true meaning of this ‘expansion’, which has become trendy with the concept of VR (virtual reality) recently, I continue to present new suggestions about this through the new artwork ‘THE INFINITY’ at Heritage Space: Is this expansion enough for humans? Will people perceive the world by their eyes or their brain? Are we on the road to a Matrix society?

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