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This work reached the Finalist ( among 10 other teams ) of the 1 Minute Mapping International Projection Mapping competition held in Tokyo.



by BOX[Vietnam] 

--- Concept ---

"This project aims to capture the perseverance of human spirit through dark and trying times. When we learned of the competition’s theme, Hope, we felt that it was important to acknowledge the struggles that the world has been facing due to the recent pandemic, and we wanted to emphasize the ability to overcome the darkness, and sustain our exuberance for life.
Our story begins by showing a light, pulsing like a heart, “the spirit” of the building. The Building suddenly faces a massive flood from a storm, which consumes it, threatening to drown the spirit, but it persists. The water then freezes over, cracking and entombing the building. An infection spreads out from the cracks, corroding the surface, and causing the face of the building to erode away. We see the “inside” of the building, and are thrust into the throes of a turbulent and chaotic fever dream. Fast flashes of light, distortions of depth, and thundering drums drive the emotions of this moment. Then, a healing wave of light is emitted from the light source, the “spirit,” which washes over and restores the life of the building, ushering in the new growth of plants and flowers."


Creative Director & Producer - Tung "Crazy Monkey"

Art Direction - Nhat Nguyen BLOCK 

3D Visual Lead - Travis Cohanz " Diego Lazy" 

Visual Team - Huy Anh, Tuan Tran, Huy Doan

Coordinator - Luan Tram To 

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