Form: Live-streaming Interactive Design
Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels, ratio 16:9

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In the past few weeks, beside the destructive effect on human health and worldwide economy, Covid-19 has been taking over lots of opportunities and working space of many artists like me.

From my standpoint, the function of art is to bring multiple perspectives to the audiences. Not to mention, those perspectives need to deliver positive vibes.

Bearing that in mind, I created LOTUS, a graphic design work which is interactive with real-time updating worldwide data on Covid-19.

The background musics were collected Alpha Waves sounds as a healing for damaged energy. Also, font Keep Calm was used with this incentive.

Regarding the image as well as the concept of LOTUS, I’d like to keep it a secret.

Black stands for infected cases, meanwhile Red refers to death cases, and Blue displays recovered cases.

I sincerely hope, in the soonest time, the Blue will start taking over and when it comes to end of this outbreak, it is only the Lotus purifying in blue.

On daily basis, within 1 hour, I will use real-time database extracted from WHO to interact with LOTUS and live-stream on

This is my personal project. It’d be a pleasure if you can donate by clicking on the Donate button to support the project. The donation will contribute to the continuity of this work & scale up to the community.


Either you want to donate with background music or present your work together with LOTUS, don’t hesitate to reach me at
All the sources of this work can be downloaded here. Touch Designer is used to decode Covid-19 data via OSC and SMODE #madewithSMODE software to create illustration.


Thank you Vạn Đặng for your help on Programming, Tú Linh for your translation, Phước for 3d models and especially thanks to Kim Duy and Linh Ngư for your valuable inputs for this work. You gave birth to the first LOTUS

Stay safe and pray for the permanent end of this pandemic.

Crazy Monkey

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