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We are looking for those people to join the team! 

  • 2x 3D Designer 

  • 1x Creative Programmer 

  • 1x Account Manager 

First question: Are you interested on METAVERSE and NFT movements? 

If not, please go away, this shit is not for you. 

If yes, please keep reading. 

We are a start-up founded by TOP people in Tech Design - Creative - F&B industries. We played hard and worked hard. We have a groundbreaking vision, and are committed to giving our best to that vision. 


  • Your workplace is located inside a 5-star restaurant in downtown Saigon.

  • We're not fans of the 9 to 6 business hours, neither should you.

  • We also don't need to see you every day at the office, instead we want to see your product every day.

  • Your salary is very competitive. I hope you will be worthy of what we believe in you.

  • You will have a dream work environment, a vision beyond what you are seeing, working with leaders in the most disruptive sectors of the market. 


  • You must be a proactive person at work. We don't like kicking someone's ass every day.

  • You know we don't hire you just to do what you do. We want you to have the ability to self-study, self-development and long-term companion with us.

  • You must be an honest person. We want to work with people we can trust.

  • You live not only for money and work, you should have dreams. We love talking to dreamers.

  • (3D Graphic Designer ) You need to have a deep understanding of 3D modeling, handling everything from textures to the final stages. You have to know what you are doing. Sometimes we will ask you to help with other tasks such as editing a short video with silly music, we hope you do not refuse

  • (Creative Programmer) You need a deep understanding of web-based visualization platforms. You will need to optimize and bring those graphics objects to the web environment completely. You need a deep understanding of the nature of real-time graphics technology.

  • (Account Manager) You need to have project management and human resource management skills. You understand what your colleagues are doing. You are always the first to answer the phone. You understand what we're all about and you know behind that vision are stressful and exhausting realities. Life is not rosy.

We hope to hear from you.