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Happiness Birth 

Happiness Birth | Hạnh Phúc Sinh Sôi is a video installation by Visual Artist Tùng Monkey, using 3d projection mapping on a square plane, located at the SỐNG exhibition, at SỐNGLab, Hue, Vietnam.

Fertility is a beautiful state of life. Life proliferates, becoming more and more diverse, one class on top of another, old people and children, different generations, different cultural layers, between old and new, traditions and trends, all All are mixing every day to create new values, new growth of life.
Inspired by that, with a little boy character representing the artist's consciousness, traveling through strange lands, mixing reality and fantasy, to accompany viewers in their search for happiness. diverse life.


Digital Artwork in SỐNG Exhibition - SỐNG Lab, Huế, Việt Nam 

Visual Artist - Tung "Monkey", Julian Trần 

Assistant Producer - Cherry Khanh Vu 

Projection Mapping - Hexogon

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