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Four Palaces 四府 

"Four Palaces" is an NFT project I implemented with the desire to use Blockchain technology, or NFT, as a new way of storing content - culture - beliefs, while bearing the nature of decentralization. These knowledge and information will be preserved - forever stored with time.

Tu Phu series records the movements of native dancers directly with realtime volumetric technology. Electronic sound composed by Atsunori Kihara (@atnr) and images edited by Crazy Monkey.

Tu Phu (Four Palaces - 四府) is a major denomination of the Mother Goddess religion, an indigenous polytheistic religion in Vietnam. This branch is popular in the Northern and have a profound association with the worship of Duc Thanh Tran.

Its name literally means "Four Palaces" as its deities are believed to reside in four palaces, each of which serves as a ministry governing one realm of the universe: Heaven, Mountains, Water and Earth.

Foundation Collection:

Take a tour in the virtual museum of the Four Palaces at:

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