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// Visual Artist & Creative Director


Le Thanh Tung (aka Crazy Monkey), a Visual Artist and Creative Director currently working in Ho Chi Minh City has had more than 15 years of experience in the field of Creative Design. Using volumetric display technology to transport his ideas into the digital space, Tung has honed his art projects to a new level and eminently unlocked boundless creative power. Tung’s distinct and unique innovative projects have been recognized in many parts of the globe, showcasing in prestigious events such as the London Design Biennale in the UK, the South Wind Rise exhibition in Taiwan, and Disembedding at the HOW Art Museum in China. With extensive experience in real-time computer graphics, Tung is continually pushing the boundary of his art by delving into other high-tech tools such as Generative Computer Graphics, NFT and the artistic utilities of Artificial Intelligence ( Ai ) 

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