Le Thanh Tung ( a.k.a Crazy Monkey ) is an Entrepreneur, Creative Director and Visual Artist based in Ho Chi Minh city. Experimenting with Illustration, Vjing, and Audio Visual Installation, Crazy Monkey turns his imagination into playful, ironic, and surreal elements with unique style in his work. Crazy Monkey has also contributed numerous installations and street art projects across Southeast Asia and Europe . He also performed live video and Interactive Visual in forms of VJing (Visual Jockey) and founded BOX ( a.k.a The Box Collective ) a Creative Visual Studio.

"Crazy Monkey discovered his lifelong fascination with art when he was young. Born to parents who are both Vietnamese governmental office workers and educated at one of the oldest institutions in Hanoi, he quickly found his interests lay outside the remit of a traditional Vietnamese education. “I focused solely on drawing and was quite dismal in the staple of scholarly subjects,” he remembers.  “At 16, I enrolled in a semi-professional school, spending half a day learning the common curriculum and the other studying fine arts.”